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  • 32 ounce Paint cup
    32 ounce Paint Cup (includes lid) ..
    CAD34.56$ CAD39.99$
  • 3M Respirator
    For your Dip project consider wearing the 3M Half-Face Paint Spray Respirator Assembly Mask. This mask helps keep vapors and certain particles out of your mouth and lungs during dipping projects.  ..
  • 3M™ Trim Masking Tape 10mm
    3M™ Trim Masking Tape, 06349, 10 mm x 10 m The 10 mm firm strip of this tape is slid under the molding. The liner on the remaining adhesive side is then removed and the tape is folded over and adhered to the glass, actually lifting up the molding and allowing paint to flow under it. This tape sav..
  • Brake Dust Professional (BDP)
    Spray onto your wheels (dipped or non-dipped), and let it sit for 2 minutes as it releases all the brake dust, dirt and grime from your wheels. Simply wash everything away and leave your wheels surgically clean. No scrubbing, no hand washing, no wheel brushes, no dirty rags or water. Never tou..
    CAD38.00$ CAD40.00$
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  • Canvas Wheel Covers
    The simple solution to wheel masking. Reusable. Fits most wheels up to 21" in diameter. Includes 4 canvas wheel covers ..
    CAD59.99$ CAD59.99$
  • DIP SAFE Rubberized Chamois/Cloth
    This is similar to the Dip Wash Cloth from DYC, synthetic chamois has been developed with a rubber coating into the weave to promote cleaning effects on Dip while not damaging the finish and leave any particles on the surface.  Can be used on regular automotive paint as well.  This product..
    CAD19.49$ CAD25.00$
  • DIP SAFE Tire Shine
    DIP SAFE TIRE SHINE:  This NON Petroleum and NON Silicone based tire shine has been developed expressly for usage with Dipped cars and wheels.  This product (contrary to typical tire shine products) will not Stain or Tarnish dip finishes.  If ever applied to a non-desired Dipped surfa..
    CAD14.49$ CAD19.99$
  • Empty Paint can 1 Quart
    generally used for solvents and oil-based products. It can also be used to package coatings, adhesives, mastics and other viscous products. This can is perfect for just about any type of non-acid liquid especially oil based and water based paints. and any liquid wrap product. ..
    CAD8.00$ CAD10.00$
  • Masking Film
    Masking tape. 21"x115' Used to easily and cleanly mask off windshields, roofs, hoods, windows - or any areas to protect from overspray.  ..
  • Mini Elm327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
    Mini Elm327 Bluetooth OBD2 V1.5 Elm 327 V 1.5 Android Adapter Car Scanner OBD 2 Elm-327 OBDII Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner   ..
  • PreDip Spray 750ML
    PreDip Spray was designed specifically to a perfect bonding between Plasti Dip® and the surface you are dipping. It safely removes all dirt, oil, grease, film, cleaners and tire shines that could cause Plasti Dip® to bubble, lift, or fail. Whether it be wheels, emblems, trim, or the whole car - m..
    CAD16.00$ CAD23.00$
  • ProdipGuard®
    ProdipGuard® Car wrap protection from fuel drops Folds up easily and hides behind fuel tank door when not in use Easy to install and no tools required Good quality rubber Swiss made ..
  • Speed Shape - 10Pcs
    Best for testing base coats, spraying pearl pigments, or simple display the colors. Speed Shapes For Water Transfer Printing Film Durable High Impact Polystyrene Speed Shapes. Easy to paint and Plasti Dip®. Hole punched out at top for display.  Dimensions: 4 5/8" x 9 1/8" x 1 3/4"  ..
  • Spray Gun Cleaning Kit
    This Spray gun cleaning kit helps you to do detailed cleaning on any spray gun model to ensure optimal performance. Also includes grease for needle packing and moving parts. Kit Contains: Five multipurpose brushes, two nozzle cleaners, and a container of grease for lubricating needle packing and mov..
  • Spray Gun Spare Parts Kit
    Spray Gun Spare Parts Kit includes all the items that may need to be replaced during the life of your DYC DipSprayer™ or Earlex 3500 spray stations.  If your spray station needs a replacement part, is leaking dip or is losing performance - this kit replaces those critical items. Includes: ..
  • Spray Trigger
    Snaps on to the Plasti Dip Cans - allows you to comfortably spray large areas, or for long periods of time with ultimate comfort. Generates great sense of control with the can of Plasti Dip. ..