11oz Plasti Dip True Metallic Cans

Here you will find the 3 brand new Plasti Dip colors created by DipYourCar. All true metallic colors such as Alluminum, Anthracite Gray and Vintage gold !


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  • Plasti Dip 11oz Aerosol Can Anthracite Grey
    PLASTI DIP 11OZ AEROSOL CAN - DYC Exclusive True Metallic, Anthracite Grey Color. Plasti Dip in an innovative rubber coating solution, Made by PERFORMIX USA. This revolutionary product is easy to apply over any surface in order to coat it with liquid rubber for either protection or a color change..
    CAD15.00$ CAD24.99$
  • Dip Nozzle
    Dip Nozzle® is a male actuator that is designed to fit female actuators on aerosol cans. Increases the size of the spray fan and amount of product deployed over most stock actuators. Most Professionals use the Dip Nozzle® with our Plasti Dip® Spray cans to get better coverage, smoother results and c..
    CAD3.00$ CAD3.00$
  • Spray Trigger
    Snaps on to the Plasti Dip Cans - allows you to comfortably spray large areas, or for long periods of time with ultimate comfort. Generates great sense of control with the can of Plasti Dip. ..
    CAD4.99$ CAD5.99$